Benefits of Owning Your Own Facial Steamer

cal1A facial steamer is a pretty great thing to have, mainly because you do not have to pay for an expensive trip to the spa and get a treatment. I personally prefer having my own facial steamer at home, because I can use it as many times as I like, without having to pay extra. I will talk to you about a few reasons why I think having your own facial steamer is so great.




I can pick my own hours

cal2I don’t know about others, but I tend to lead a pretty hectic life, so it is not always easy for me to know if I will be in a certain place at a certain hour. So, scheduling a visit to the spa is not exactly something I am keen on doing. For me, having a facial steamer at home means that I can indulge in the pleasant sensation of having my face well taken care of, without having to face rush hour just to get to the local spa.




I can choose what treatments to apply

cal3Various essential oils can be used for cleansing your face. Of course, at a spa, you can choose from the menu what you find most appealing, but this is not exactly cheap, and you may not always have all the choices you would like to have. For instance, I really enjoy my steam bath with a bit of tea added to the water. I use chamomile for its soothing effect, and I feel my face well rested and taken care of. Since I am gradually becoming interested in anti-aging treatments, I also use rooibos tea for my steam bath, since this has antibacterial properties and it also reduces wrinkles. Green tea is another fixture in my steam baths, because of its antioxidant properties.




Other uses

I do not use my facial steamer only for cleansing my pores, although it does a really swell job. I love the brush attachment used for exfoliation, because this one really makes my skin look young and rejuvenated. Seeing that pollution is quite an important factor in how our skin is affected day by day, I don’t say ‘no’ to an exfoliation session once in a while. Another thing I use my facial steamer for is clearing my sinuses. Whenever I catch a cold, I have quite a big problem with runny nose symptoms and blocked sinuses and this little piece of engineering helps me get through the rough patches without suffering a lot.